About Bowenwork

Bowenwork is a uniquely effective hands-on healing practice. It was developed in Australia by a man named Tom Bowen. It is taught internationally as Bowtech and in the US by the American Bowen Academy.

Bowenwork procedures use a very specific type of cross-fiber soft tissue mobilization to help the body realign itself, relieving pain and stress and, in most cases, restoring health and full function. Bowenwork activates a parasympathetic response, putting the body into a relaxed, receptive state--but it does more than just provide relaxation. By working through the autonomic nervous system, the Bowenwork impulses are received and responded to by the body instead of being perceived as an invasion or a threat. 

The Bowen moves address specific areas of tightness and patterns of imbalance through the proprioceptor system. The Bowen moves send impulses to the brain from the muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia, and the central nervous system responds, sending signals that reprogram the muscles and connective tissue to restore the body to its original blueprint for optimum health. You can read more about how it works here.

In addition to correcting alignment and healing injuries, Bowen stimulates lymph flow, releases the fascia and supports improved immune function. The importance of fascial release is just beginning to be appreciated by the medical community. The fascia is a three-dimensional web that connects throughout the body. Bowen's gentle moves work in a three-dimensional way to increase the fascia's capacity to communicate through all the body tissues.

Often pain originates far from where symptoms are felt. Bowenwork seeks the origins of the imbalance to restore the structural integrity of the body. Results are often noticed far from the areas where the actual work was done. 

Bowen is especially effective with sports injuries and everyday strains. One or two Bowen sessions can speed healing and help to avoid longterm problems. Chronic conditions can take longer to resolve but are often relieved by consistent Bowen sessions over time. It has helped many clients avoid surgery. When surgery is necessary it can speed recovery. 



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